I bet there’s no normal person in this world who doesn’t use their mind each day to produce thoughts and ideas, an act we all refer to as thinking. As crucial as inhalation and exhalation is to the breathing system so is thinking to our brain life. What do you think would become of man if they didn’t think? Personally, I think man would be no different from a robot. A little programming here and there and maybe that’s what we would call life. What a sad world it would be!

Before diving deeper into this article, let me ask another question  (I clarify this article is not all about questions and I’ll try not to ask many of them). Have You ever found yourself in a queer situation? Probably in an art of asking why and attempting to look beyond what is on the surface? (Oops those were two).

Looking over your answers, if my guess is correct and you said yes. You probably have found yourself looking at an object and you begin to ask yourself why the creator of the object did what they did. When you look at something you go above and beyond what people think instead of simply seeing what is in front of you for what it is.
Well is that merely a coincidence or do you draw any inferences from some past experiences? If you do then congratulations you’re a metathinker.

People who know me know that I like to think. Anytime an idea springs up in my mind I like to split it and think further about the small pieces. I had never realized I was a natural metathinker until one day, sitting at a career workshop I began thinking about thinking. Reminiscing the fateful occasion, a workshop that was about the issue on writing CVs. There were two ladies from lions of science and that was the subject of my thoughts. I began to wonder why the founders of the organization called it lions of science. Why the name lions? And why science? I mean it could be life or innovation or technology or anything but why did they choose science? I did think about it for quite a while putting myself in the shoes of the founder and thinking about their thoughts. Sometimes I would think about the thoughts that would come to my mind if I’d ever meet the beautiful souls. What I would ask them? How they would react to my questions e.t.c.

I slowly began to realize that asking those “why” questions helped me understand the behaviour of people around me. Their inspiration, dreams, motivation and even challenges. This most of the time keeps me at peace with myself and my environment. Through this kind of understanding I feel a natural intellectual bond with them And would value their feedback because I could attach a stronger emotional components to it. After much questioning I elicit people’s fears of troubles that come when they’re unsure of themselves, when preparation hasn’t been done for such situations and when their confidence in the inevitable responses of other people is flagged.

I confess I have my own fears about my metathinking behaviour and that I do recognize that with every good thing, comes along a bad one no matter how small. But hey the dangers of metathinking is a whole other story, best fit for another day. Bottom line is if you are a metathinker and maybe you’ve been feeling like it’s crazy, let me be the one to inform you that there’s a method to the apparent madness- you just have to look for it to prevent yourself from over thinking. You’re not alone we’re in this together.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day


  1. haha well ….each time i read your article….a new idea or thing just springs up in my mind….this is a nice one….keep on writing i love them

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  2. Well basically being inquisitive as a child and natural curiosity is how grow, learn and learn how to survive and thank you again for this… Now I wonder why Microsoft choose windows as its logo and why windows and not doors 😂

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  3. Haha, very true. Metathinkers are extremely inquisitive with thousands of thoughts running through their minds daily, but they are just that. Thoughts. Nothing tangible. Nothing quantifiable. What we need more as Metathinkers is a way to transform our thoughts to reality, and when we do that, the world will be ours to conquer.


  4. hahahahhaha…..oh boy am i gald!so this also happens to someone…thought it was only me….yea yea….i know the feeling of thinking about *^▁^*(⊙o⊙)whoa good thing philosophy helped me understand some of this

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