Micro or Telescopic?

In my life I’ve seen, met and interacted with different people. So have you dear reader. There are those that are microscopic and those that are telescopic, those that are myopic and those that are heteroscopic, those that are patient and those that are impatient. Those that are naturally wise and those with conventional wisdom, those that are confident and those that are conceited. There are those who always see the bigger picture and understand the consequences of any decision and those who would do anything and everything for meteoric success.

In this article I’m going to focus on one group of people  (telescopic and microscopic) and show us how they conceive the rest.

We all understand that the microscope does have a “zoom lens effect”. That all it does is magnify objects in our reach. For microscopic individuals, they tend to focus entirely on oneself to the exclusion of external considerations. Whenever a decision is made in their view, it is one that only serves a present situation, maybe a hasty one without looking at the ‘after effect’. Take an instance, your parent denies you pocket money as a punitive measure let’s say for being a poor second in your final exam. Since you cannot survive the pangs of hunger and your impecunious state, you decide to borrow some pennies from a friend and they kindly lend you. You don’t stop a moment to think how you’ll pay that back and how you’ll explain that to your parents. You’re just satisfied that your unpleasant situation is solved. Microscopic people are generally myopic. Whenever they feel like they’re uncomfortable with what they see, they quickly take off their glasses and see only what the eye can allow. Impatient? Sure thing, they lack the patience to analyse a decision and explore the possible outcomes. They’re hag-ridden with apathy and complacency as a result and generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity. At times they don’t understand how belligerent their decisions may be and how they may impede their success.

Then there are those that are telescopic. The telescope has an objective lens that collects much more light than the human eye can from distant objects and focuses it to a focal point inside the telescope. An eyepiece lens takes the bright light from the centre of focus and magnifies it so that it uses more of your retina. These individuals love to see things that are distant. Whenever they make decisions they focus on the outcome. Their perception of farsightedness helps them to understand and trust the end results of a process through analysis. For them, the further away something is the better they can see it but once it gets close, they lose sight of it -hypemetropia. Thy understand lucidly that patience is key because something that is far isn’t done in a hurry and when they’re in for a penny, they’re in for a pound.

Each of these life views is an ill  wind that blows nobody any good. Each has its own advantages and limitations. You can choose to be microscopic or telescopic. It’s all in the mind and as we know the mind is a flexible mirror. The end may justify the means but he who laughs last laughs longest. Be wise!


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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