Thanking life part 1 -we weren’t born once.

Throughout my life I have met different teachers. I like to put them in two categories; the school provided ones and the life presented ones. The ones provided in school were basically to guide me through a syllabus and ensured I knew everything I needed to know. I mean we were born into an already revolving world and this was to sort of familiarize us with what was going on. On the other hand there are those life presented unknowingly. The ones who show up unexpectedly in our lives, nudge us a little and leave us with tough lessons to hammer home. Although life may present great teachers, it is the greatest of them all.

One of the most important lessons life has taught me is that I wasn’t born once in which it has obliged me to give birth to myself over and over again. It does this in different ways only it sees fit. Life puts us in different situations and circumstances. Take an example of a situation where you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. You have a dying mother lying helplessly in a hospital bed, you’re the first born in your family  (a single parent one), you have a police record and you are slightly under 18years old. It’ll be mandatory to resort to ways that will help you make money to pay for both your sick mother and take care of your family. Maybe you’ll get, maybe you won’t. Now in this thin time, maybe you’ll remember God and begin to be a believer, or maybe you’ll become a robber, or maybe a drug dealer. Notice you weren’t any of this characters before but life obliges you to become something different due to a situation you’re caught up in. You conceive a new being in you and in no time give birth to him/her. People will call it adaption, contrivance, change, conversion name it. I call it conception and birth.

But then again it doesn’t mean that this new creature cannot die. Everything has a beginning and an end so does life. Sometimes people do tire from confining themselves to a certain way of life. Let’s say you’ve been in a habbit of drinking every other night and you decide that that isn’t the kind of life you want for yourself and enrol in a rehabilitation centre. This is a way of killing the old being and creating within you a better one. One that refrains from alcohol and will do their best to stay clean.

In all this I have noticed that things don’t look different day-to-day, but when you look back ten or so years, its all different. The process of giving birth to oneself isn’t just something you’ll know is happening. It can be hidden deep inside you that you’ll have to look so closely and dig miles into your soul to even find out how, when and where it all began. There’s one thing that’s certain; its an absolute.

Maxwell Maltz said;

You will act like the person you conceive yourself to be.

So every time you whisper those sweet thoughts to yourself, tell yourself what you expect from you, what you want done by you and kill an old habbit and old thoughts you give birth to yourself!


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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