MIRROR, let me ask.


Beautiful beautiful mirror a million questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. There is something that is bothering me dear mirror. I don’t know how softly I can put this or any good way I can present it so that you don’t hurt or get angry with me dear one. Notice that even as I speak to you right now, I ain’t looking you in the eye because I don’t know how you’ll react. But either way please let me ask you.

I sit before you every morning as I get ready to begin my day and each evening as I tire from the day’s activities right? Mirror, who is the lady that You show me everyday when I ask you to show me, me? Is that lady me? Is she by any chance named Laurah? Or is it just a random image that You pick to impress me. Why does her left eye and ear seem smaller than the ones to the right? Why does the same apply to her cheeks? Her flaws shout out loudly. People tell me, dear mirror, that I have really good hair. Why don’t I see that in the lady you show me? Hers looks a little unkempt always no matter how well she combs it.
Why does she seem to have less pimples than the network of them I think I have? Every time I feel my face, I feel like I have lots of them. My colleagues say my nose is just fine but why do I feel like that lady has a larger one? Or is it smaller?

Dear mirror, that lady seems extremely focused than I think I am. Look at her eyes, do they exhibit any kind of fear? Just take a good look at her my dear one, does she seem like anything and anybody can hold her down? Isn’t she one of those individuals who will do anything to achieve her dreams? Look at her ideas, look at her goals! Oh my God! Am I that ambitious dear? Am I that fearless? Ain’t I shyer than she is? That lady you show me will take advantage of any pieces of wood lying around aimlessly to build a ladder. A ladder to get her to the top. She doesn’t wait for opportunities to knock at her door! She simply looks closely out her window, sees one and grabs it. She doesn’t wait for an alarm to wake her up, she does before it. She seems like that kind of person. Am I determined like that dear mirror?

Dearest I’m sorry if I’ve implied that you’re perpetually deceitful. I’m sorry if indirectly I called you a liar. If at all I indicated knowingly or unknowingly that you’re a thief in which you steal my true self and reveal only what my mind believes it sees, I’m terribly and sincerely sorry. I love you so much that you’re the biggest and greatest confidant I have. What you know about me now, not anyone else recognizes except God. Not even I do. The secrets you’ve kept and will continue to keep until you break and I decide to respectfully bury you in a trash can, no one else can. But dearest mirror what do you have to say for yourself???


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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