P.I.C-in which we were partners in crime.

“I got rid of the evidence; the body and the gun.”I heard Susan say this her voice devoid of any emotion.I looked up at her as I recalled the first day we met. She was in a white-velled dress reciting vows to spend her life serving another man, that wasn’t me. Now she didn’t sound so angelic.
“How?!” I managed to ask.
“Never mind that Arnold.Just know that you don’t have to worry anymore,”her velvet voice whispered in my ear as she held me close to her.
‘We’ll battle this together.”
“How?!” I said resignfully as I pulled myself from her arms,”It’s barely been hours since we killed someone.And we are here acting like nothing happened.Someone could have heard the gunshot for God’s sake. Sitting here and pretending that all will be well isn’t a lie I’m gonna try to make a belief darling love. I am a selfish perverted fool! That’s what he always said. You often heard him, didn’t you? ” i shouted  in panic as I walked over to the sofa. Trickles of swear were forming on my forehead and I couldn’t help but obey my weakening knees.

“Someone’s life is their prerogative Arnold, so are their choices. And if you can’t get that into your small head then we won’t go so far. He made all the wrong choices! All those words, all those beatings, all those mistresses! All those….” she forcefully said and reluctantly came to a hault. I could detect the pain in her voice and as she sighed I could feel the relief in her. She barely talked to me about this. I’d always sat there and watched those horrible scenes day after day. I couldn’t do nothing because that monster had a cold heart, he’d kill us both. But I had a good plan to cut him loose and this was the day I executed it.

She walked up to me once again. Her stilettos trot hard on the polished oak floor and in slow motion the picture came to my head again.A sick feeling settled in my stomach as I watched in stupefaction the constant replay of the abuse she’d gone through. My heart swelled with anger. I was already regretting why I let her go through all that. Why was I so cowardly? I should’ve confronted him earlier. So what if he’d smash a fist into my face? At least I’d have stood up for my princess…my princess..she was all mine and mine alone. But what a betrayer I was. She was his…his wife.

“It costs a lot more than your life, Arnold. To murder innocent people? ! Oh my! It costs everything you are. But take a good look at me. Look at my scarred face. Look at this torn lips. Look at this black eye. And my hair? Let’s not even go there. He wasn’t innocent. And you and I know that. I would’ve reported him.But he was with the law.” Her voice went on, no anger, no rise in tone, just a one level, even-keeled voice with no emotion in it.

“Please Susan, please. I’m begging you to stop.” I interrupted. She knew I was feeling frustrated. She could see me sitting in that sofa, one hand occasionally coming up, scrubbing for a moment at the back of my head or covering my sharp nose and small pinkish lips. That was a movement of exasperation and however hard she was trying to make me feel better about that situation, it wasn’t working.

“You know I can’t stomach this. I’ve never killed someone in my life. I’m feeling terrible as it is Susan. I can feel it so strong and its making me crazy. Please. I continued. “I mean he was my father and your husband. We may not have liked him but he was still family to us. Why do I feel this way when I know damn well he deserved it?”

“I killed him too Arnold,”she quickly responded as she got to her feet.
“How?!” I uttered in confusion. “I’m the one that held the gun with the handle pointing at me. I put a bullet through his head after I smashed it into the wall during our confrontation. I’m the murderer here. And I’m confused when you say you are too.”
“No! I drugged him this morning. So even if you wouldn’t have done it, he’d’ve died anyway. After twelve hours though. Arnold you have to understand I was tired of those abuses. I was growing weary and I had to do something.”she came up trumps with tears building up in her lower eyelid.

“What?! You did that and didn’t find it necessary for you to tell me. Susan when did we start keeping secrets from each other?” I asked in whispers as I walked in her direction.

“I didn’t think I had to tell you nothing. It would make you giddy and we all know what happens when you’re in that condition! This family was a dictatorship ruled by its sickest member! If we weren’t going to get rid of him, the we would’ve spent our whole lives bowing to that cheat piece of crap. “She defended herself raising her voice steadily. “Worst of all if he ever found out that his wife; your step-mother is having a relationship with his son, I assure you he wouldn’t have hesitated to cut out throats open.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But I won’t let you pay that price. I killed him,” I consoled her.
“But I must also feel it, I’m human.”
“Well, will all great and deep waters of the earth wash this blood clean from our hands? I don’t think so. Instead they’ll turn the multitudinous seas, discolouring turquoise, red.” I said humorously and we both laughed as we held each other tightly.

“I know right. But we’ll get through it.”

Suddenly we could hear police siren from outside. Car tyres slewed over the gravel, doors slammed and a loud knock on the door. I held Susan’s small egg-shaped head, stroked her hair and passionately kissed her on the forehead.
“Someone must’ve called the police but whatever come may. I don’t regret that I killed that hydra-headed monster myself.” I whispered into her ears as I let her go.

“They won’t find anything. Screw your courage to the sticking-place and we’ll not fail.” She whispered back with a narcissistic smile as she swayed her hips to get the door.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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