Just the other day I was excited about you.
2015, how odd you sounded.
But with a positive outlook I did approach.

I was ecstatic about you
I couldn’t wait any longer for you to arrive
Tick tock, tick tock I counted every second
It all seemed like years, but how goldenly it shone in my eyes
My pupils dilated
My grin grew wider
My teeth reflected brighter
And in a flash it was the end
But I was more excited of the unfolding beginning.

Oh well! You did come around finally.
I wanted a fresh beginning,
And with that daisies aside.
I wanted new agendas,
And with that I lied to myself fries, kuku, soda out?!
That is how fast that ‘resolutions thingie’ was jotted.
You cannot imagine the amount of energy I had in store for you.
I swear it could move mountains at its worst!

Not to sadden anyone but to be brutally honest,
Things grew old pretty fast.
Around and around the months, weeks and even days didn’t last.
January was here, in a blink it floated past
And February rolled in just as fast.
Wednesday couldn’t cut Tuesday some slack but kept knocking at his door asking him to vacate asap.
Do you think Monday spared us?!
Buzz-killers will say “hell to the no”.
No weekend took any longer than 5minutes.

And with that came consequences.
My lazy days couldn’t be called just that, ‘lazy days’
My brain can testify to how hard its been,
To find a name for those Saturdays that began with a weekend Buzz,
But alas! How short-lived!
The continuous streaming of reports, assignments, career fares, name it!
Just didn’t give me peace.

But then again, its not all jeremiad.
I can see a lot of silver linings.
They illuminate brighter than golden urns.
And I’m not afraid to say that,
2015 was afterall a productive and mellow year.
Risks were taken
Opportunities grabbed
Fears aborted, buried and dead at last
Broken visions were reignited.
Atop the ladder of inadequate time for self reflection and a jet-driven year
I glimpse the brighter vision of a year well spent
And even as the melliflous festive season sets in, I’m thankful that I lived through you, odd year!


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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