What she dreams for in 2016.

Dear Lord that giveth life,
That giveth health,
That giveth strength.
This year give her a heart replete with thanksgiving.
Show her the way Lord and she will follow.
Let her desire acquiescence for your will in her life.

She is eschewing resolution,
Because she wants to embrace reflection.
She’d be lying through her teeth if she promises herself a skinny body, a perfectly organized life or a spend less save more.
That is similar to la dolce vita for her.
I don’t think she can afford that, at least not now.

She’s been incautious when making decisions.
Sometimes she kept asinine vigil for no valid reasons
Sure it wasn’t insomnia.
This action costed her dearly,
She flunked her units!
See what I’m talking about?
This habit will do nothing but lead her to tread on dangerous, solitary paths
This year please give her wisdom to terminate this indigent behaviour.

It’ll be a long trek but please tread on her heels.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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