I was reading quite an absorbing book to some kids today at a local library. It’s just a kid’s book but a compelling phrase caught my eye towards the end…A chagrined defeated witch just before disappearing screamed,

Time will come when humans will once again believe in astronomy.

This actually got me thinking and slowly I found myself murmuring “Yes! Yes! Yes! So true!” as it came to my realization. Well if you ask anybody be it a young and restless teenager or an ageing folk, you’ll come to the conclusion that nowadays it’s a normal scene when one buys a newspaper early in the morning, flips to that leisure page and directs themselves to the bottom left corner or checks for updates on their stars first thing in the morning. All this? For what? Maybe you’re wondering. Well, for an insight on their day to day lives, or perhaps talent, character and special qualities that one possesses. They say each zodiac sign reflects a different side of your personal experiences and personality and that based on date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, an astrologer can give a very accurate portrait of one’s  character and tell a lot about their past and future, gifts and difficulties. I think based on that it does mean that horoscopes can foretell the future in subjects life, condition of health and fortune.

This then narrows to the big question; is this a sign of an identity crisis or just sheer human desire to know who we are? Are we at a state where our sense of identity is becoming insecure? Such that we’re looking for our characters, qualities, talents in stars? Are we letting them describe us? Determine our future?  Are we letting them write our story? Are they slowly becoming a confirmation for what we should be? Or do we just want to find out what to expect of the day and that’s it? I feel like we’re at a point in life where people not only believe in themselves but are also willing to go into the deepest, vast extents to find their purpose; what is man’s reason for existence. We seek to find answers and we search for them anywhere and everywhere as long as they get to replace the question marks with periods or exclamations.

So dear reader what do you think? Is it a crisis? Is it a desire? That’s for you to ponder. Meanwhile I continue working as an assistant at the library earning a little over 20 bucks a day. Good money if you ask me, for someone who’s just upgraded from being a freshman.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

One thought on “CRISIS OR DESIRE?”

  1. I think it’s both desire and identity crisis. We are curious to know what to expect but at the same time, we are confused about what our purpose in life really is so we need a confirmation to be certain we are taking the right path

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