First things may not necessarily be fast things but they will be, must be and have always been first things. They won’t come second but may sometimes come last. They only come last when it strikes us they should’ve been the first things in the first place. Ever wondered if you were to die before you were conceived? What would’ve happened if a story was to end before it even began? And if we get an end product before its created?
But these things do happen in our daily lives don’t they? We die before we’re born again, frequently the end of a story is as well the beginning and sometimes the end product is what motivates its initiation.

But there’s always a clear protocol. First things, followed by second things then third in that order until the last suffice to say first things first and second things are automatically thrown in. Shortcuts are however tempting. It’s consoling to say the end justifies the means, isn’t it? When second things are taken and given preference over the first, both second and first things are lost. How unfortunate. It’s a huge loss no matter how small it may seem. Take an example one wants to be baptized before they even make a decision to live a righteous and holistic life but still want to end up in the category of the saved. How? If they cannot make the decision to leave their old ways behind them then their baptism won’t be any good and will end up costing them their salvation,  don’t you think? The whole process will be jeopardized.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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