I look at you and can’t believe how old you’ve grown

Oh you surely put years on me

Pangs of nostalgia fill me as I look back at the beautiful memories we’ve created together

When we first looked into each others eyes

What a dreamy look I had in mine

Yours shone so bright

Really the golden yellow iris were doing wonders


I may be running short of words here

As I write I’m tearing up, joyful tears

But I’ll admit you were the sweetest and most adorable thing

When I held you for the first time

Your tender body against mine

Your slow breath in my ears

Your tail wagging steadily in my hands

Your ears erected

It was the perfect time

Perfect place

Perfect gift

As fragile as you were

I was afraid I’d break you


Gently I held you, ran my hands through your brown fur, kissed you affectionately and promised to love and take care of you


It was decided

Coz from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew there was something special about that name that reflected in you

I wouldn’t’ve figured it out that day

But I clear as crystal do today

You’re cool, funny and shy at times!

Isn’t that the same description your name gives?

Everything is so vivid

Your first paw hi-five,
After you learnt it, you wanted to do it all the time

Your first collar,
You never really liked it, you always tried to take it off

Your first bath,
You ran away just to return a few moments later with your head held down in shame.
“I should take a bath, I don’t want to be smelly”, you implied.

And we’d wash you, you’d jump around as if you were on a bouncing castle

Then we’d have a siesta at the lawn

You’d go for training

Fetch was your favourite,
Swimming didn’t interest you
Evening walks always got you excited.

I look at you again

I’m content

I’d rather you any day anytime

If it weren’t for you,
I wonder if I’d have had some of these amazing experiences

It’s worth fighting for



Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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