Clatter your teeth

Clatter them hard


Did you hear me say harder?!

You want to play deaf

Oh I know how to deal with you

You are my strong suit

I know what food to feed you

I know where to stick a knife

How to twist and turn it

It’s my specialty

You think you’re nothing if not strong under that pile of pullovers you’ve put on

Or that weird mismatched scarf around your neck

Or those gloves covering your stubby fingers

Or maybe you believe those socks are way heavier for my thin self

Now let’s do this

I pull the shots

I make the rules


And I give the orders around here

I will bite and you will shiver

I will bite again

You will tremble

A leaf in a storm will be no match for you

It will have nothing on you

I know after that you will crawl to your bed

Your favourite corner, isn’t it?

You will pull that duvet over your body

But I’ve known you too well

I’ve studied you since you were born remember

You’re an old dog to me now

No new tricks work on you

I’ve known where to bite

Where I leave you numb, almost paralyzed

You think that small blanket will get me to leave?

Is that brain of yours so small?

An ounce makes jokes over it!

If you were as smart as I thought you were

The first time I tormented you

From that day

That hour

That minute

You should have been twice shy

You bovine.

Let me do you a favour

Out of my own will let me enlighten you

That little warmth that blanket and clothing will generate,

Is not hideous

In fact it looks like a Barbie

Make a bonfire or something

Those are the real monsters.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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