Thanking life part 2- in which we’ve knocked way too many times.

When I was younger, I was taught its courteous and kind to knock at anyone’s door before they let you in. My momma specifically taught me once you knock thrice to four times at a door and there’s no response then there are two possibilities; either no one is home or if they are, they can’t hear you knocking  (well unless they’re ignoring you). To confirm this a simple turn of the door knob will do. If its locked then probably there’s no one home, you can stop by some other day. If its not locked, someone could be in, call out though they could just have forgotten to lock the door when they left.

Were you taught the same thing too? If yes, you’ve put this lesson to action, haven’t you? A couple of times maybe? Well, I have. My whole life I’ve treated each door the same way. That includes the opportunity doors. A few times opportunity has knocked at my door and being the good person I am, I’ve let it in. I’ve trod on those good paths that I was taught because I know opportunity, its no stranger, if it were I wouldn’t have. But to be honest, opportunity hasn’t entirely  treated me the same way. Many are the times I have knocked at its door. Sometimes just one knock would do. The door would swing open and “welcome” I’d be ushered in. And others… knock, knock, knock…knock, turn the knob, call out. Yes somebody was home but before I could enter, the door got slammed in my face. I’d stand there,cry, beg for the one inside to let me in, to listen to what I have to say, to at least take a look at what I have to offer. All fell on deaf ears. Disappointment is all I’d swallow at the end of the day.

That was however back in the day…in days of yore. When I was a young and naive yokel. When even though that door would be open and I let in, I’d not gather enough confidence to say whatever I wanted plainly however easy it would have been on the ear. I’d speak sotto voce and timidly. I’m sure the person in that room would wonder why I was there if I didn’t believe in myself let alone convince them to believe in me, my skills, my abilities, my talents. I was ‘so-so’ but who wants mediocrity? Then I’d get thrown aside. Thereafter I’d wriggle out of my failure; there’s always a next time.

That went on until I met life…modern life. I no longer do ‘those things’ at ‘that’ door. Modern life has taught me that yes it is courteous, it is right but sometimes you need to bend a knee. Get at that door, gather the energy, kiss your biceps, wish them luck, look at that door, tell it “you’re going down”. Then…then throw yourself at it. Hard. Ensure it staves in. By doing that you would’ve already wrest the attention of the one on the other side from them. You would’ve eaten them up. Run your fingers through your hair, sigh, dust your shoulders, smile and introduce yourself. Saves time right? After that will anyone doubt your confidence? Won’t they listen to what you have to say? You may have left an impression but I mean you’re already in control  and convincing them you can work your fingers to the bone will be as easy as falling off a log. Knocking it down was just the preseason.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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