Looking back.

Sometimes I wish she’d listened

I wish she didn’t shut other people

Did she have to be the bloody hero all the time?

What was so hard in just taking a minute to listen?

Just a minute?!

For goodness sake!

An ounce of attention


And thought

Yes! It would’ve gone hard with her

I mean it wasn’t in her nature

She always drove hard bargains


Se would’ve evaluated everything

She would’ve gone through her facts with a fine tooth comb

Looked at each of them through a microscope

Probably she would’ve made a better decision.

I’m not saying the one she made wasn’t good

It did serve the situation at hand and did her good for a while

It just wasn’t good enough.

The pernicious effects of those poorly made decisions are now chewing into her

She might’ve been a novice then

But I sure as day know she’s hard-bitten now.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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