So lately I’ve been attending this training at Centonomy in westlands. I will not hesitate to say its been the best thing that could happen to me so far (coz hey! I believe better and even bigger things await). It’s been one journey that has totally transformed me. Each module couldn’t get more informative and as we went further into the training the interactions couldn’t be any better, the view was high enough, the water tasted just fine, the air was fresher than I could ever imagine and the wind was as strong to make our sails deeper into the oceans. For the past five weeks I’ve been looking forward to each Saturday because in each training there’s something new that I’d learn that would nudge my brain a little. The things about personal finance that I thought were impalable, just like saving, buying shares, finding and making great investments, time value of money, debts and getting my money to work for me is a lesson I’ll carry for a lifetime! The ingenious skills of how to find our way in the Kenyan market and finally making it as great investors with booming businesses was truly winds in my wings.

The module that infused in me a desire to work even smarter and tread on a path less trodden was career planning for financial growth. From learning to develop mutually beneficialĀ  networks, asses ourselves, write great CVs, seek opportunities and volunteer i couldn’t be a better person without this. A great speaker once said

It’s not the garrulousness of the speaker that matters at the end of the day, but that one sentence, phrase or even word that gives your life a U-turn and eternally engraves itself in you.

Just to share the few things that I took home:
1. No one will ever respect you for being young but for the knowledge you have.
2. When you’re young that is when you should make the most crucial decisions of your life, but its at that same age when we lack the brain capacity to do so.
3. Why is it that when there’s traffic on the roads or in the streets, we’re all running away from it but in our careers we all want to tread on the same crowded paths. Doing the same things and expecting different results is truly the definition of insanity.
4. A shilling or dollar or pound or Euro (whatever currency you’re using) today doesn’t carry the same worth tomorrow.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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