Who else hears this voices in their heads every now and then?
“Go for it. I know you can. And you’re gonna be amazing. Please don’t let this chance go to waste.”

“No don’t. It’s too big a risk. What if you don’t do well? What if you fail? What if it becomes too much for you to handle? Do you know the terms? The conditions? Don’t do this love! You have everything to lose!”

“But its what you’ve always desired, you’ve been dreaming about this since God knows when. Do you want to give up now? When you’ve come this far? The opportunity has brought itself, better take it! You can. I know you can!”

“No. You’re not good enough. I mean look at all the rest!!! Do you have their level of intelligence, beauty? You want to bite so much than you can chew.”

This aren’t new phrases, are they? So sometimes we decide to take the risk and sometimes we decide to stay safe. “Maybe it’s not worth risking it all”, we excuse ourselves .

Something is difficult and difficult and difficult and then all of a sudden it seems achievable. It always begins with a positive mindset. When you look deep inside yourself and begin to see how much you can do. When you begin to believe in yourself and a wind of positive energy and outlook blows into you. Everything starts to look big enough for your hands. Your eyes begin to see all ways imaginable to make the task workable. And its at this phase that one should take risks. Anything that one believes they can do should be done now. It’s at this time to VENTURE WHERE EAGLES DARE. When one is still pumped with so much energy and excitement. Take as much as you can because that energy won’t last forever.

And if it all turns out to be a mistake, then it’s just that. Mistakes aren’t tragedies, they’re what we learn from. When you fall, you gotta get up. Brush off the dust and forge ahead. Stand tall and eschew living on your knees and beating yourself up over what has already happened. You took the risk, feel proud that you even tried! Not so many people do that you know.

And life IS afterall a gamble you won’t always get it right, you may not always live it right. You’ll keep going round in circles trying to find out where and who you are. While at this, all sorts of things might happen. Crawl, walk, run, fly but whatever it is keep moving. When you’re still you’re safe, you won’t fall and get scratches or those ugly scars but you won’t be moving and neither will you have a story to tell.

Safety is stability but its not progression.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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