Muse with me.

The mind has an expandable way of imagining things that even I don’t understand. Just out of a very little, tiny, almost unrecognizable thing, great ideas emerge. Do you know what’s greater?! Uhm do you? Well it’s when these ideas pop up in the minds of the visionaries, trust me it goes further and wider than their wildest dreams. A small idea shared, just a phrase of extraordinarily organised words or maybe just an ordinary arrangement and bam! it’s everyone’s talk! It’s everyone’s song! Before we notice, it’s a global anthem!

I have a dream.
Yes we can!
Do these phrases ring a bell? That’s what I’m talking about!

So last night while studying, my roommate was pulling on a piece of thread that was hanging just above her head. I don’t think she was even paying attention to the long unending knot she was tying her fingers in. Her thoughts must have been adrift. Suddenly she called my name out in some sort of pain. She needed me to help her loosen her fingers which were already turning blue at the tips. In a rush to help her, I tripped on soapdish, found myself flying and somehow my body landed on her arm, cutting the thread into two. We’d freed her fingers alright but that’s not the part of the story I want you to get.
Thereafter in anger, she began pulling of the thread forcefully and didn’t even spare the other half that was still hanging above her head. I think she just wanted to make sure that incident never happens again. I was watching her, laughing, wondering why she’d be so mad at just a piece of thread which didn’t come harming her, but she who harmed herself with it. Just then something popped into my head. She was down here, trying to pull something that was up there. And I began thinking of the countless times I’ve heard an innumerable number of people say “trying to pull me down…”

You’ve heard of this phrase too, haven’t you? Right! So what is ordinary or extraordinary about it? Probably nothing. But something has to under or below to pull, if it were above  it would press and if it were sideways it would push. Did you get the message I was trying to pass across? THOSE THAT TRY TO PULL YOU DOWN OR ARE PULLING YOU DOWN ARE UNDER OR BELOW YOU. But how much time and energy do we invest in those kinds of people? Trying to understand why they’re doing whatever they’re doing? To figure out their next move? Their accomplices? And such like stuff which is a complete waste of time. They’re under you! Simply, you’re higher than they are so keep climbing!


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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