FRIDAY THE 13TH~in which Val turns 17

For the many years we’ve lived together
I now understand or better yet thoroughly comprehend that you and I are truly inseparable

Growing together,
May not have been the easiest thing in the world
Patience does pay!
Do you remember how we’d beat each other then make up the next second
Say mean words to each other and in a few regret them bitterly, bow our heads in shame and apologize with deep felt sincerity
Refuse to sometimes eat at the same table because we just didn’t want the presence of each other
Why were we so competitive ?
Why’d we wrong each other this badly?
Why wouldn’t we have just lived in and maintained peace back then?
Why didn’t we see eye to eye?
Yet siblings we were and still are!

But over the years we’ve given each other time
Time to understand
Time to know each other better
To live in each other’s lives
To experience each other’s sorrows
Familiarity and not at one time bred contempt
We’ve learnt to have fun together
Breathe the same air
Protect each other
Come to each other’s defence
To live as the sisters we are
To trust each other
And in our hearts have sown the seeds of love
And eternal friendship
Secrets to us may be nothing and priceless at the same time.
To share and keep them is something we’ve embraced

Seventeen comes with prices my  dear
Ask me, I’m the older one
But age is just a number, or isn’t it?
The journey
The experiences
The lessons learnt along the way
The friends you’ll make
(Your diamonds)
The friends you’ll decide to keep
Choose wisely
(They’re your gold)
These things dearest are the most crucial
Opportunities will come and they’ll go
Choose those that will propel you to greatness, to achieve the most out of your abilities
I know at times it’ll be hard to make that decision
But by prayer and supplication
Always make your requests known to God.

At this juncture
I can’t think of anything more to say
You’re smart
All those adjectives


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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