“Believe in yourself because you’re the only true and original version of you. If someone has come out and looked for a successful personality such as yours and tried to duplicate it, very well! But in that case they’re just that; duplicates.

How have you reached this successful personality with people going out of their way to emulate you? Of course you’re different, unique and extraordinary otherwise a good number of people wouldn’t have been looking your way. Probably its coz you’re of high quality because people don’t make copies of cheap products. Or where have you seen that happen in this world?
It was once your goal, something you truly wanted to achieve. You took a clear-eyed look at yourself, collected your strengths on one side and weaknesses on the other, tried to turn them into strengths. Some were stubborn, others submitted. I don’t think you wasted so much time on those, did you? Of course not! Sometimes, just sometimes, when you’re poor at something, you just are.

But these people that are looking up to you now see you as that one star that has pierced their universe of darkness. They pretend to be you but I feel like in their hearts its what they really want to be. Let’s look at it as their self-realization journey and not pretence. Remember when your leadership journey began? It took you so long to see the many students who embraced and accepted you for what you were and still are because all you did was notice those who didn’t. And that pulled you down. You didn’t fully explore your ability until you realised that you can never impress everybody and not everyone will give you a thumbs up or a kudos for a job well done! Your strictness which some saw as dictatorship and as toothpicks that they had to walk on gave you a hard time. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just see toothpicks as thin wood which can easily break beneath their weight; like its not that unbearable!

The greatest moment must’ve been when it hit you that your time is way too valuable to be wasting on people who can’t accept who you are and don’t believe in your strategies. When you excused yourself from the doubtful chatters of those shallow and callow individuals, that’s when it truly kicked off. You gained skill, became stronger and developed genuine confidence in your way of tackling tasks. Pondering at the challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions that filled your path, I’m amazed at this record of successful experiences behind you! I know you’re yet to make managing partner but even at named partner, that’s such a big deal. You ran the paralegals and then the associates, trust me my badge of honour goes to you for being such a great leader because you’ve earned it! You don’t lead a mundane existence sweety!”

I answered her question as I giggled nervously. I had never been that serious! Never in my entire wonderful life, why else would people call me the flibbertigibbet? However, I hope she believed it when I said it because I meant it.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day


  1. Great stuff. Being me and not you. Duplicates do not believe in themselves that is why they tend to copy others. Thanks for the insightful article. I love it

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