Children are born each and every day in this world
And on those days many males become fathers
But only a few become dads
Because this is a special lot
One that sees and comprehends the importance of being there for their sons and daughters
Of holding their hands through thick and thin
Of stressing the fundamentals of the game
How to play
And how to play it right.

Dad please hold my hand
Don’t let go coz I don’t yet know how to walk on my own
I’m just starting to fly
I have so much to learn
I want to follow in your footsteps
And what better way than to learn from you
I make mistakes along the way, I get it everyone does
You scold me
But never cease to speak your words that are filled with nothing but wisdom
To take it or throw it, you let me
That’s how nothing short of selfless you are
And your experiences have given you the gift of patience.

God made you strong, protective, brave
Because he knew that with every step we take and every move we make would come great obstacles
A guider who wouldn’t dare go astray for fear that we’d go the selfsame way,
He gifted us.
I know,
As high as the mountains can be
As vast as the seas can go
And as deep as the oceans can dig
All you ever pray is that we succeed and venture only where eagles dare.

This is to all the days I saw the sunrise upon the treetops
To all the night’s I didn’t go to bed hungry
All the evenings I had a shoulder to cry on
The days I didn’t miss school because you paid all my fees
The good and bad decisions I made and learnt from
And the times I didn’t miss a thing coz You provided it
A show of appreciation for your never-ending love.

For all its worth and the times I left it unsaid,


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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