More often than not when we do well on a certain project assigned to us, our supervisors or superiors tell us “good job!”. And this gets us so ecstatic as if we’ve been given a piece of the moon because they’ve recognized how good we’ve done. I don’t know why we always get complacent with such mediocre remarks. With being average. Doesn’t it sometimes annoy you as much as it does me and all you wanna yell at the person being told that or at yourself is “good job? Hell No! That was a freaking great job and we know it!” But you just bite your tongue because you know charity should begin at home. Or sometimes an A student gets a B and instead of giving themselves a pinch, they give themselves a pat on the back. But the B material isn’t what they’re made of. You’re gold, why are you allowing them to call you bronze? Isn’t your worth greater than that? I mean its okay to be positive and to give yourself a second chance but sometimes get mad at yourself a little bit. It helps beat logic in.

Deep down within us lies a potential so vast as the Pacific. Do a job so great that they comment “fantastic job!” It’s not okay to be of an acceptable standard when God made us excellent. It’s not okay to just glint in the moonlight when the shining star we can be and outdo the moon. Do you see the difference? The significance? How far apart those two worlds are? Doesn’t that distance beat the one between heaven and earth? Ponder on it.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day


  1. Hey, I’ve been on a mission to read as many blogs today as possible and happened to come across yours. I’ve enjoyed your posts and look forward to future ones. Check my post out if you get the chance 🙂

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