That failed project began with polite foot dragging.

I have chosen this topic today because I was reading some posts, came across it and it actually caught my attention. Then I thought, why not?

Honestly I’m one of those people. I just am. Whenever I have a new project or a new adventure I’m trying to explore, I begin with so much zeal and zest. I’m always infused with great energy that I don’t mundanely possess. At this time, I’m always so convinced and gather momentum to get the job done. I burn all the midnight oil in the world, give it a hundred and ten percent of my time and undivided attention in pursuit of the same. I think its at this point that I always use it very wisely anyway. Then out of nowhere, slowly but surely, an impalpable and noxious sequence of events infiltrate. The light becomes dimer and dimer, the fire less and less stronger, the passion less and less motivating. Exactly how a nova behaves.
In less than a few months or so things are no longer the same. Not that I get bored with what I’m doing, no. In fact I don’t believe it bores me at all.

It however always starts with that polite phrase, “I’m feeling rather tired, I’ll do this tomorrow”. Yes, tomorrow then becomes sort of constant. I have had great ingenuity at making that happen. It’s like a skill I don’t want nor need but so evidently and conspicuously possess.

As the energy slumps badly during this period, nothing qualitative can be done because most of it will be done at rush hour. What eventually ends up happening is a submission or generation of substandard work. Not very pleasing, is it? It’s actually inimical especially if the project or adventure was for an important course.

But a few ways I have learnt to keep the fire burning. Constantly reminding myself what the course is for is one of them. Deem every detail about it extremely important and never seeing it any other way except that.  Secondly, striving to produce quality results always. And by always I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S. This is very challenging but achievable. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you do a great job! Amazing right?! Thirdly, avoiding distractions as much as I can and staying focused until the goal is attained and nothing short of that. Lastly, never forgetting to celebrate and develop new ways to curb “foot dragging” for more projects to come.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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