I have said words

A thousand of them per minute

I have used tonal variation

High pitch when angry
And low and gentle when in a good mood

I have used body movements

Haven’t you seen me sit in certain postures?

Seen me chew my nails once in a while?

Changes in the way I eat, talk or walk or even laugh during some occasions ?

I have used facial expressions

Huge grins

Pushed my lower lip outward

Wrinkled my forehead

Widened my eyes

For goodness sake! I have used gestures

I even tried mimicry

Why is it that you never understand me?

It seems like you never hear me let alone listen

Like you’re deaf to my noises

Doesn’t matter whether they’re constructive or destructive

Do you not see me?

Because sometimes it doesn’t feel like it

You don’t seem to appreciate my fashion sense

You don’t even notice when I change!

When I’m not okay

In sorrow

In depression

When I want you to be here

I don’t feel like you ever are

When will you look into my eyes and ask me what it is that bothers me?

When will you hold my hand and assure me that you will hold it to the end?

When will you let me walk in front  you and whisper that you got my back?

When will you hug me and let it just be the two of us?

When will you wipe out my make up and tell me that I look beautiful without it?

When will I be visible to you again?


When will you prioritize us?

Is it that I don’t know how to communicate with or to you?

Is it that I do it in a language you don’t comprehend?

Or in a way you aren’t comfortable with?

I am tired

I am tired of struggling

Trying to paint myself in those bold colours so that I can be visible in your eyes

If we truly are one, this should be as frustrating to you as it is to me
Please talk to me or better still teach me

I’m willing


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

8 thoughts on “Communication.”

  1. “teach me” hahahah that reminds me something. .
    I told someone to teach me how they do what they do..and they did..
    its good to be taught. get to be as “ignorant” to their actions as they are to your cries..

    nuce piece AP★★★★★

    Liked by 1 person

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