A lady

Sky blue shalwar

Black Kameez

Cool black sneakers

Emerald necklace with matching earrings

Her blonde hair is a little messy with some small twigs and leaves hanging in it

It is held back but loosely

Her forehead is a bit wrinkled and she’s got some more around her eyes

She’s in a weird posture

Can’t quite tell if she’s walking or just standing

Right leg in front of the left

As if she’s moving but not really

She’s about five metres away, but even after a second glance I can’t really tell

She’s got an iPad in her hand

And I can see headphones

Probably listen to music

Or just shutting herself from the world

I move closer

Her nose is sort of pink and so are her eyes

A little swollen at the tip and lower eyelid respectively

As if she had been crying or something

Just now I realize her clothes are not as fancy as I thought

One of her sneakers, the left one

A little torn exposing the largest toe

Her pedicure is chipped at that part

Blue with some white decorations

I can’t figure out what kind from where I’m standing

She isn’t really looking at her iPad

She’s staring aside

Her eyes a little watery

And then I see a huge scratch on her ear

Must’ve been bleeding but now covered by a scab

The Sun is blazing hot

She holds her right palm facing away from her face blocking it from shining in her eyes

There are red bruises on her arm

Her index finger is lacerated

A finger and nail avulsion

She looks left then right

I look as well trying to decipher what she might be looking for or at

But when I return my eyes to her

She’s long gone.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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