She thought I was

The barriers we’ve built between us

Two steep cliffs that make us so different yet the same

Unable to pull neither of us to either side

Because inasmuch as we’re the same, we’re different

When she first told me about you

My fancy was tickled

My imagination ran wild

And the number of wonders in my head were inexplicable

I was wowed


By how much power you have in you

Your passion is painful and awful yet admirable

You don’t believe in abilities but choices

They were and are your definition

Your courage is your identity

And the most beautiful thing about you is that you never cease to be yourself

You’re a fingerprint

A motivation that ain’t shaken nor afraid to take the world by its oversized lapels and lead it in your direction

Dear what is it that you haven’t done?

The world is inspired by the product of your life’s struggles because they are a legacy!

When she said you live your life as though you’re always in a theatre she didn’t lie

Whether I interpreted as a hospital or a stage

It adds up!

Curtains drawn and action

The audience applause

Curtains drawn and gloves pulled up

Wounds are stitched and fractures aligned

And now take a look at me

Not yet a failure but still not a star

When she looks at me,

That little girl,

She sobs

A great disappointment

You might be fiction and I the reality

But for sure she likes you more in me


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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