August the 13th, in which we celebrate left-handendness.

The word left comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft meaning weak or broken.In German the word linkish is used to mean left handed meaning awkward  clumsy and malatroid.In Italian the word is mancino meaning crooked or maimed.In Russian its an insult to be called a levja ,a left handed .For years left handed people have faced aggression as the left side is often related to the negative things of life;the Oxford English Dictionary described left as crippled defective ill-omened inauspicious and illegitimate    but in 1996 things were to change when the left handers day was launched on August the thirteenth and now we can actually be proud to say we are left handers and maybe brag about it a little .
Polar bears, cats, 90% of parrots, chimpanzees, mice, bats, wallabies, chicken, toads, sea lions, some dogs, zebra finches, bangalese finches, French horses and wild kangaroos are all left handed.It’s a beautiful nature of the earth’s population which needs to be appreciated considering they are better at sports as many other athletes are unused to their left handed nature and they tend to have a higher IQ .Twenty percent of all Mensa members are left handed!Scientists think its because more often than not they are forced to use both parts of their brains allowing to possess a larger amount of information.
Left handed people are better multi taskers as the communication between their right and left part of the brain is faster than in right handed people. They also have better memory and are better at playing video games.People from left handed families  also posses this characteristics so you should be glad if you have left handed parents!
In health matters,left handed people recover much faster than from stroke.While reasons aren’t  clear, some people believe its because they have strength on both sides of their brain.
Left handed people are also more artistic as they are more visual based than language based.Famous left handers include; Albert Einstein, Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Goethe, Beethoven and Aristotle just to mention a few.


Lefties hear speeches differently as they may more easily hear slow changing sounds as the right side of the brain is better adapted to specialize in different kinds of sounds.


Left handers are more scaredy  cats and tend to suffer more post traumatic stress disorders after watching a horror movie.They get angrier faster as they have a harder time processing their emotions.They are self observers and are afraid to make mistakes.
Anyway left handers have more advantages.You might be a distant cousin of the royal bloodline as most are left handed.If you are a man you’ll make more money,you may become a world leader you are better at tennis and you have your own day apart from your birthday. August the thirteenth!
So be proud and celebrate your left handed nature!


(This post was written by my left handed sister: Valarie Boss! Like a boss!)😍


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

One thought on “August the 13th, in which we celebrate left-handendness.”

  1. wonderful article, I like it, I just want to clarify the last picture, the study that suggested that was, after all, termed inaccurate, due to various reasons.

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