Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication, but to what extent is simplicity really valuable to our lives? What really is the essence of simplicity, and why did more than one of the modern thinkers, like Einstein, really value simplicity? What allure does simplicity hold that the greatest, and kindest minds are drawn to it, like a moth to a flame? Think mother Teresa, Einstein, think Mahatma Gandhi, people who lived by the rules of simplicity, but people who none the less altered the course of history. Think Jesus, the person who divided time, the one whose name launched ships to the ends of the world to proclaim his teachings. A man who lived a simple life.
So I sought the allure that is simplicity, and in it I found answers; happiness. More so, fulfillment. The secret to life is not pursuing various monetary physical and emotional wants, rather it is in the ability to be content, to be happy while walking to work as much as you would be while driving. It lies in feeling complete in rags, as complete as a cleanly dressed and well groomed man would feel complete, it is all about focusing on the things that matter, and that is helping others. It lies in fulfilling your passion for life, utilizing your God given talent in every way possible. The joy of life lies in seeing the much in little. It lies in seeing the plenty in nothingness.
A bowl of fruit, a violin a table and a chair, what else does a man need to be happy? Once said Einstein, which reveals his true simple is this nature that made him perpetually invincible in the word of physics, because once we are content with what we have and seek not the pleasures of this world, nor the allure of greatness, power, money, control or pride, only then can we live pure lives only then can we, like mother Theresa pursue something that is way greater than us. Only then, like Einstein, can we do way greater things than we could ever think of.
I sought the allure of simplicity, and I found happiness, humility, joy and pure love, for the life of a simple man gives no credit to hate, jealousy and covetousness. I thought I’d find only that, but I also found pain and sacrifice, all taken bravely with no thought of revenge or repayment, but most of all I found contentment and satisfaction, the lack of a feeling of entitlement. That’s what makes simple people great.

(This post was written by my wonderful friend Hampton Macharia. Loved it!)


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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