Who am I and why am I here?

The hardest questions ever posed to me must be this;

Tell me about yourself.
Who are you?
What would you describe yourself as?

I don’t know why its always so hard for me to say who i am, or to describe or say even a small paragraph of what I think I am. It gives me a headache if not a migraine. I suddenly start thinking too much and yes mostly irrelevant stuff. Then I don’t know where to begin. Not that I’m this complicated sort of a person who’s character cannot be put in one word. No! Or at least I don’t think so. There’s actually so little about me but anytime I start thinking about it, I feel like its a lot. It could be put into a telenovela or a series but then it’s so little that it cannot make a paragraph. What a paradox! I know right!
Well since there’s so much and yet so little about me, let me try put this as short and as lengthy as I can. I am Laura by name. A Latin laurel or sweet bay tree derived name that symbolizes honour and victory. I don’t know how many times I’ve been victorious though. My surname is Ondari. It’s a Kenyan name from the gusii tribe (I am gusii) found in western Kenya. The g usii in kenya are known to be temperamental, average in height, pretty, “curvy” and intelligent. Female I am and straight. In Kenya, an adult is anyone above 18years of age, then you do obtain a national identification card. I love art. I enjoy reading articles, history books and related novels. I don’t mind eating, cooking, travelling and hiking. I love research and being knowledgeable. I guess that explains why I’m taking a medical research course (medical biochemistry). I love listening to stories and a little music never hurts. Fashion may not really be my thing but I honestly really do appreciate it. Make up on other people? Yes. On me? Not much, a wound of mascara and lipstick does it. Sneakers, sweatshirts and pants, mom-jeans and knitted sweaters? Now we’re talking. Carbonated drinks and meat dishes are my favourites. Repetition to me sometimes, just sometimes, may be the best thing, but then again may turn out to be the most annoying.

I’m here because I aspire to be a great poet one day. I wish one day words would flow out of me in a rhythmic way with all the rhymes organized. Something deep, inspirational and heartfelt. I like it when i read poems and I’m taken to a far foreign land, feeling what i don’t usually feel, interacting, loving, pissing, fighting with people I have no idea of. It’s always very interesting and thrilling. I imagine myself making people feel this. Wow!
I’m also passionate about motivation. I like motivating the people around me and those that I interact with. Hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless, friend to the friendless, a pushing force to those who have no heart to move forward. That kind of thing. But then its not everything that I’d wish to always write about. A little fiction here and there, a few tips or maybe complaints on life issues, just random topics i think will spice this up.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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