I know not.

When I have no need for you
Into dust you turn
Creeping into my every space
In my ears
My ears itch
My eyes sour and red
Make me scratch them hard bursting My capillaries
You bug me
Let me have no sleep
Let me not know what I can be and do
Why won’t you just let me be!


When I have need for you
Into an eagle you turn
Soar into great heights where you can’t be found
Places where we birds dare
That’s where you venture
Places my eyes can’t see
Horizons and horizons away
Not that I’m myopic
Then I’m deprived of sleep
Trying to attain your standards
To prove myself to you
To please you
Like those you surround yourself with
And then I know not what I can be and do
Why won’t I just let me be!

Are you my sine qua non?
Am I yours?
Are we?


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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