I might be…

I might be a horrible person
I might be the person you never want to see again
I might be the person that turned your world gray
Too dull to even accommodate black
I might be the person that took away your heavenly bodies
Leaving you with nothing to stare at
Neither during the day nor night
Absolutely nothing
I might have been your timely bomb
The one you never knew was strapped around you every time we hugged
Each second drawing you near to your demise
Exploding beside you
Shattering you into more than a million tiny pieces
And letting you fall like rain of blood
But still turning gray when you gather to form pools
I might have been the knife
You know the one they found stabbed in your back
I might have been the gun
The one whose bullet shot you in your temple
Leaving you lifeless
But my image glued in your iris
I might have been
I might be
I still may be
Because you choose to see me that way
To paint me that way
To describe me that way
To tell your tales
To them that listen to you and never me
But tell me
If I was that horrible
Heartless monster
Wouldn’t I have destroyed myself in the process?
If I exploded, why am I still here?
I am broken too
I am lifeless as well
My world is pitch black
I’m struggling
But I have no voice
I lost it trying to tell my tales
And I lose to you
I might be…


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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