There’s power in a name.

For us believers, the name of Jesus Christ God the son has a lot of power. In his name do miracles occur and demons cast out. In His name and grace we get salvation and grow into new beings with Christ living in us. What we term as being born again.

Well some people like to believe that a name defines a character or a certain behaviour or certain occurrences and stuff and according to me I don’t think that’s far from the truth. A mother or father, collectively parents, will name their child(ren) sometimes out of the love they have for the name or maybe out of the experiences they’ve had in marriage or during pregnancy. I don’t know to what extent that is true and I have not carried out a study to show that this is the case. I draw my statement to what I think my mother would’ve thought or imagined as she named me. My birth name is Laura. A very very common name. Believed to be a Latin name that means victory. So notice many people do not write this name with an “h” at the end, but over the years I wrote mine with an ‘h’ spelled as Laurah. I never really got to know why, I think it just happened and many girls in my school bore the name. I think it made me stand out. Sort of.

Recently, I received my national ID. Well wasn’t I pleased to be an adult? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Legally, at least. But what came to my recognition is that my name was written without an ‘h’. There and then I just felt something was amiss. I mean its just a name and I’m probably overreacting or something but I just felt like something was stripped from me. An important part of me. But its just a name! I know.
A single letter is so valuable, you and I probably don’t understand. 1+2+3 letters make up words which make sentences and paragraphs and novels. So yeah, you and I probably don’t understand. A single ‘h’ for me, in my name, a name that is my identity, that maybe said who I am , maybe who I aint. Yes! It meant a lot. Still does. Honesty, humility, hope, humour, heroine, hospitality are just some of the virtues I believed the ‘h’ added to me and to my name. Not insignificant, is it? Well maybe you don’t understand. But I’m glad you do. And to just see all that go away? Fly into the wind? Fall from the cliffs? Dissolve into the waters? Get smashed into the ground? How am I supposed to believe that I’m still the same person? With the same qualities? With the same heart? With the same identity!


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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