Muse with me.

I know I’ve written a tonne of articles with those encouragement words and have sang and sang and sang them until they’re a freaking anthem by now. I have the words inscribed on my forehead, on my palms, at my fingertips, my back and maybe you have to. They scream

kick that bi**h in coz honey no one ain’t gon’ open no damn door for ya.
But let me clarify right this instant, that you gotta study what door to kick in, which angle to kick it from, what force to exert, the velocity, acceleration, distance travelled, elapsed time, pressure… remember all the physics you know.

I grip my fist so hard that my knuckles may turn white. Anger boils in me like a witch’s cauldron that can barely contain itself. I can barely contain myself. Don’t just go kicking every board, metallic, plastic, paper door you see like someone who ain’t got no knowledge between right and wrong. I mean Adam and Eve didn’t eat from the tree of knowledge for you to be stupid. Come on. It’s enough they sinned, why are you adding salt to the wound? Don’t let yours be an act of shame the more, at least.

Now as I was saying, prior studies is important and mandatory. Take a keen look at the house, apartment, condo or whatever it is the door is on. What kind of material is the door made of? What is its length, width, height? Does it have knobs? Locks? What kind? Is it hinged? How tight? You surely don’t want to go around knocking down loose doors, wasting energy, breaking hips and noses. The nose, for crying out loud, is sacred; its the only organ that can see backwards in time, so they say. It can smell fish even in places they don’t breed.

You might want to take it a step further and know what’s behind the door, in the room before having a near-death experience to something ypu didn’t expect. I’ll personally go with the surprise though, I want to have as many of them until I lose the capacity of not being much surprised by anything. How would it feel to to get gutted by dust on the face as that door synches in. A room filled with scary looking human, animal and bird skeletons with discoloured teeth and eyeholes filled with skinny spiders and webs. Translucent windows and dusty broken tables covered in old and torn table mats. A traditional British ticking clock on an open old historical book filled with maps of different regions, at the centre of the table. An old chandelier with ancient symbols inscribed in it hanging loosely from the ceiling. As you walk in, it begins to sway side to side. Further into the room, you notice a map of Africa and Europe, hanged side by side. Red pins stuck on Nairobi, Kenya and London, Britain. There’s an open jewellery box on the dining table, with pearl necklaces hanging out of it. From a distance you can hear a gentle whistle. Suddenly a loud hoot startles you, as you turn to its direction an owl flies right on top of your head. Awesome.

I’m just here thinking grumly though, picking my way from cover to cover, page to page, word after word and letter for letter. Wondering why this created character is better than both of us combined. Only we do this in real life with people dressed in different costumes that we think describe what we want or who we already are. Why are miserable girls dressed in lowly outfits that only scream pick me coz I get my periods and I have boobs and my skin breaks out during a certain seasons and I can’t think as much. This were outfits for women in the olden days. But don’t mind me. I have a book.

All I’m saying is develop a strategy. Treat opportunity doors as a learning experience. Find out why not all opportunities are worth pursuing. Assemble the facts, digest the information, absorb it, consider the implications. Go hit the gym and hit hard but with precision then execute.

Your opportunities are everywhere but not everywhere is your opportunity.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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