The story: you and I.

There are times when i loved to watch you stare at me

When You looked at me so keenly that I could feel me creep into your being

It felt like our peripheral vision was lost

Like we looked at each other through a tunnel and the whole world was shut out

Nothing else mattered except the two beings that stood on either side

You and I

I loved to feel you in me,
Me in you

To hold hands and lead our souls into the deepest alleys and valleys where no soul would dare come to find us

But instead we stood there and you tore me piece by piece

pulverized the pieces and scattered the ashes in the wind

And they settled on their faces, hair and skin

I loved every piece of it
But it sure as shit scared the crap out of me

No one let’s the mortal and immortal co exist

You were and still are human

I get it

They don’t

Neither do you

It irritated them

They mislead you

But before they shook me off

My tiny pieces of dust

You gathered me

And brought me here

Now I rest in a vase and you on the bed

It’s still freaking 2a.m but you can’t get no sleep

You stare at me because you know I’m staring at you

this time you can’t get rid of me
I sublimated and now encompass every molecule of air that you breathe in

Keep your eyes wide open and your nose clean.


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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