That girl
I don’t know why she’s sitting in that corner
Crumbled up
Her head buried into her knees
Her arms holding it steadily on them
Her oversized white chiffon blouse is soaked with tears
Those blue rugged jeans seem dirtier than earlier
Her cardigan wraps her wearily
Some buttons on it are torn off
Like someone struggled with them
And pulled them off with much force
I can see the pink threads protruding
Her hair is way messier
The navy blue hairband doesn’t hold it back anymore
It lays diagonally across her head
Letting her fringes stray
And the longer hair into her face
She’s pale
Those tears definitely messed her mascara
It runs down her cheeks
The pink blush now looks gray
Just like her world I assume
Her nose is red
So are her ears
And her right cheek
I think someone whacked her
Close to her hairline theres a cut
Its not big
But the waterfall of blood
It must be deep
She rubs her eyes
Making a somewhat black umbra around them
Then she runs her fingers through her hair
But it doesn’t straighten
She almost catches me staring at her
I look away towards the door
Just then I see a man giving her an angry look
Its josh!
That son of a bitch.
He pretended to love my friend Rachael
But that wasn’t love
It was a prison he threw her in
Cuffed her in chains so heavy she couldn’t escape
The beatings, the abuse
I’m going to punch the shit out of his face
But then I stop
Should I interfere?
He runs out on spotting me


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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