I know how it feels like to be in chains 

To pull back and forth in vain

I know what it is like to fight in the dark

To fight monsters you don’t recognize 

When you stick and stab with needles

but just through air

Yet they have swords 

Thick and made of the toughest of steel

They pierce through your skin

And cut and slice as they please

And you cry and wail and scream and beg for mercy

But they don’t speak your tongue

they don’t comprehend your language

They go on and on

no rush, no hurry

You watch your flesh drop in cubes,

and your blood splatter like paint

not on walls or shoes or clothes

but on faces

faceless faces

your hair falls strand by strand,

your mouth dries,

your voice becomes coarse,

your nails like thin glass begin to crack

so do your teeth

and in no time, your bones follow soot

you are cold and broken and distorted and lifeless

your body can’t take it

no more

it gives in

you give in

and suddenly you can see them

and feel them

and smell them

you can understand when they speak and move

you can communicate 

Then it occurs to you

all they ever wanted was for you to be on their side, in their world

for you to torture

to suck and squeeze life out of people just like they did to you

all the things you’ve never thought of doing 

at least not to people

but it’s a little too late

you’re one of them


putting people in chains

and you don’t hesitate to use your swords

it’s a game

chains and swords


A certain injustice in which not everyone always gets what they deserve.

Let me just begin this by jogging your mind a little bit. Have you ever encountered a caterpillar? What about a butterfly? Great! Its common thought that a caterpillar is gross but a butterfly is beautiful. Well if you did science at any stage of your life, you may have been taught the life cycle of a butterfly. The caterpillar is the larva stage and it does almost all the work. It’s the stage at which most feeding occurs, molting and what not. So why is it that the caterpillar does all the work and the butterfly gets all the publicity? Isn’t that some type of injustice? Do you ever notice it as a person? Ever thought about it?

Well, before I wrote this article I never noticed it. Being a science student I know that the butterfly is responsible for mating and for me that was way more work than just feeding, excreting, feeding some more and then shedding some skin or in this case exoskeleton. But now that I’ve just sort of thought it through, the caterpillar deserves a lot of respect. It’s not easy looking for the right green leafy plants to feed on, and feed until it’s more than full. And as if that’s not enough, it has to shed its exoskeleton which I’m assuming has to be a painful process and it also looks gross and scary. That’s a lot to deal with to be honest.

And now I bet you’re wondering why I’m writing this. Like how is it helping you in your life? Well I don’t know but what I’m thinking is if such injustice happens naturally in nature because society chooses what to glorify as it sees fit in its eye then it’s for sure worse in humanity. But even if it somehow happens to you, know that even if you’re not getting all the fame or popularity or acknowledgement, there’s someone out there that will one day recognize you for what you’re doing and the amount of work you’re enduring just for survival of the next generation. That’s if you’re patient, because it may take longer than you actually anticipate. I’m, however, not totally against the idea of you taking matters into your own hands and taking that publicity for yourself if you do want it as opposed to sitting and hoping that someone brings it to you.

Stay positive though! 

My Kenyan dream

I have a dream 

That one day elections in this country will be nothing to be nervous or worried about

That we will treat that period as any other

That it will not be a time for Kenyans to be divided along ethnic lines

But a time to unify under our democratic right and constitutional duty

I have a dream

That one day we won’t worship political leaders 

That we will understand that we hold the power

That we the people, choose them

That we don’t think that they are better than us but that we believe in them to lead us

That they will not think of us as vessels of violence 

But as the masters to their service

That one day being a governor or senator or whatever

Won’t mean anything else but service to the people

That it won’t mean “an opportunity to get oneself to Forbes list of the world’s richest people”

Although that’s not a bad thing as long as it doesn’t involve swindling and any other malpractice 
I want to believe that one day we’ll understand

That at the end of the day, we’re all tax payers

At the end of the day, we’re all Kenyan citizens

Kenya is bigger than all of us

Dear politicians,

And I’m only using “dear” in the most conventional sense

Not because I have any affection for most of you

But because it is traditional and respectful to begin a plea that way

Kenya is bigger than you too

You have a following, platform and influence, sure! 

Use it to make the world a better place

The world needs all of us

Africa needs us

Kenya needs us

And we need each other



Pain pain

Go away

Come again another day

I’m tired of being trapped

Tired of trying to get you to notice me

Tired of pulling all these stunts

I want to be the real me when I’m around you

But the you I see doesn’t like people like me

Doesn’t want to be associated with the likes

You see me, maybe

But you don’t see me that way

There’s so much to me

Than just the girl in glasses

Than the girl that spends eighty percent of her time at the library

Than the girl that spends her leisure reading Dan Brown

Than the girl who is socially impaired

You pretend to like them

To be like them

To do stuff they do

When you’re just like me

And in this imperfect world,

People like us should stick together

It hurts

To like someone who may never give you even an ounce of their attention

To like someone who is capable of liking you back

But is too scared to risk anything

Because they seem to have everything

It’s not like I want everything

I just want you

And I hate the fact that the heart wants what it wants

Because I don’t get to choose who I like

If I could, I would


All I have is pain.

Pain pain

Go away

Come again another day.


Do you know what it’s like being in solitary confinement?

Just the feeling?

I know you don’t

But I do because you’ve put me through it

When one is deprived of


The external environment

Human interaction

When one is treated like a caged animal

Like they don’t deserve to live

Like they live on loaned air

And the only right they have is of them being alive or dead

What’s the point in living anyway?

What’s the point in fighting so hard for someone you know you’ll never have?

In holding onto a love that already faded?

In listening to love songs when you know you’ll never have love?

What’s the point in breathing?

When the only breath I want to feel is yours in my ear

Is there a point in longing to get out?

In wishing to see the rest of the world?

I’d rather not live

Than live to see another day in a world where you aren’t with me

I’d rather stay in here if I have to

And be insane

Go mental

Than leave and be constantly tortured by the image of you with her

Do you even know what it does to me?

To my soul?

You probably don’t

Because you can’t understand something you’ve never felt

You can’t comprehend something you never knew

It truly is detrimental in here

But it’s a price I’m willing to pay

In hope that you’ll be mine again

Even if that little candle of hope is slowly burning out

And soon all this will just be some stupid history and I’ll be the foolish persona


I am heavily perspiring

There are trickles of sweat in my brows,

In my hair

On my forehead

It even feels like there are waterfalls in my armpits

I feel like I cannot breathe

Like someone is heavily choking me with some leather belt

My neck feels tightened

And my throat squeezed

And no matter how much am gasping for air

None of it is getting to my lungs

My heart is racing

The adrenaline flashing in my veins is immense

But no matter how hard I’m trying

I cannot move a single muscle

Not even to blink

They’re all tense

I cannot believe what I’m seeing

Not that I want to anyway

But eyes are glued

I have never seen anything like this even in my worst nightmares

This is absolute horror

And I’m completely paralyzed

My blood turns icy

My legs begin to cramp

Heck I can’t move even to ease the pain

A chocked cry for help forces itself up my throat

And a drop runs my cheek.