I know how it feels like to be in chains 

To pull back and forth in vain

I know what it is like to fight in the dark

To fight monsters you don’t recognize 

When you stick and stab with needles

but just through air

Yet they have swords 

Thick and made of the toughest of steel

They pierce through your skin

And cut and slice as they please

And you cry and wail and scream and beg for mercy

But they don’t speak your tongue

they don’t comprehend your language

They go on and on

no rush, no hurry

You watch your flesh drop in cubes,

and your blood splatter like paint

not on walls or shoes or clothes

but on faces

faceless faces

your hair falls strand by strand,

your mouth dries,

your voice becomes coarse,

your nails like thin glass begin to crack

so do your teeth

and in no time, your bones follow soot

you are cold and broken and distorted and lifeless

your body can’t take it

no more

it gives in

you give in

and suddenly you can see them

and feel them

and smell them

you can understand when they speak and move

you can communicate 

Then it occurs to you

all they ever wanted was for you to be on their side, in their world

for you to torture

to suck and squeeze life out of people just like they did to you

all the things you’ve never thought of doing 

at least not to people

but it’s a little too late

you’re one of them


putting people in chains

and you don’t hesitate to use your swords

it’s a game

chains and swords



Pain pain

Go away

Come again another day

I’m tired of being trapped

Tired of trying to get you to notice me

Tired of pulling all these stunts

I want to be the real me when I’m around you

But the you I see doesn’t like people like me

Doesn’t want to be associated with the likes

You see me, maybe

But you don’t see me that way

There’s so much to me

Than just the girl in glasses

Than the girl that spends eighty percent of her time at the library

Than the girl that spends her leisure reading Dan Brown

Than the girl who is socially impaired

You pretend to like them

To be like them

To do stuff they do

When you’re just like me

And in this imperfect world,

People like us should stick together

It hurts

To like someone who may never give you even an ounce of their attention

To like someone who is capable of liking you back

But is too scared to risk anything

Because they seem to have everything

It’s not like I want everything

I just want you

And I hate the fact that the heart wants what it wants

Because I don’t get to choose who I like

If I could, I would


All I have is pain.

Pain pain

Go away

Come again another day.


Do you know what it’s like being in solitary confinement?

Just the feeling?

I know you don’t

But I do because you’ve put me through it

When one is deprived of


The external environment

Human interaction

When one is treated like a caged animal

Like they don’t deserve to live

Like they live on loaned air

And the only right they have is of them being alive or dead

What’s the point in living anyway?

What’s the point in fighting so hard for someone you know you’ll never have?

In holding onto a love that already faded?

In listening to love songs when you know you’ll never have love?

What’s the point in breathing?

When the only breath I want to feel is yours in my ear

Is there a point in longing to get out?

In wishing to see the rest of the world?

I’d rather not live

Than live to see another day in a world where you aren’t with me

I’d rather stay in here if I have to

And be insane

Go mental

Than leave and be constantly tortured by the image of you with her

Do you even know what it does to me?

To my soul?

You probably don’t

Because you can’t understand something you’ve never felt

You can’t comprehend something you never knew

It truly is detrimental in here

But it’s a price I’m willing to pay

In hope that you’ll be mine again

Even if that little candle of hope is slowly burning out

And soon all this will just be some stupid history and I’ll be the foolish persona

Fear fiction (1 of 1000).

Hello dear readers. So I’m on a mission to improve my fictional writing and I need your help. This is my very first piece of thousands. Kindly comment or critique or like. Hope you enjoy 🙂 or probably not :\ .

I lean helplessly against the wall. I don’t know why at this very moment I can neither think nor speak. I can’t cry, I can’t scream, I can’t do a thing even though I know I should.
This wall is unusually green tonight. The draping passion fruit leaves bare more similarity to moss. The way they cling to that wall, you can mistake the two, I observe as I fall to the cold timber floor. The room is somber and dark. The lights seem flicker and the door looks soiled red. I rub my eyes. I know it’s all in my head, it has to be. Once I open my eyes everything else looks as it should be. I look at my boots again. They’re still heavy. They’re torn. They’re muddy. Red mud.
The fear runs through me again. I can feel my whole body getting weak; my joints, my head, my blood freezing as though I had just been dropped at the North Pole. I can feel a huge lump of sourness form in my throat. It hurts so bad but I can’t let out. I can literally feel my heart sink. I don’t know what to do.
“I must not fear, fear is a mind-killer, fear is the little death that brings total obliteration,” I mumble through my shivering lips. I had stumbled into these words online when I was doing some research for some school project and decided to make them my erase fear anthem. I tightly shut my eyes to visualize what I’m saying but I can barely keep what I had seen out of my head.
“I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over and through me…” I continue vehemently this time saying them louder and enclosing my body in my arms. I feel a sense of protection but can’t help it. I knew it would happen someday, I just didn’t think it would be today. Heck I didn’t even think she’d be the first to go. She was the brave one, the strong one. Why wasn’t it me? I ponder. It should’ve been me.
“Lynda! Lynda!” it replays in my head. My voice calling out to my sister.
I raise my hands to block my ears but I realize I can’t even feel my fingers. I can’t feel myself. A second ago I would now I can’t.
“What in the motherf***ing world is going on?!” I scream as I run towards the mirror but before I’m there the phone rings again. I turn sharply and look at it. That shiny yellow hideous object that turned our lives upside down. That good for nothing communication box that brought us misery. That… that… It cost my sister her life. It’s what got us here. What made our lives a living hell! 

The story: you and I.

There are times when i loved to watch you stare at me

When You looked at me so keenly that I could feel me creep into your being

It felt like our peripheral vision was lost

Like we looked at each other through a tunnel and the whole world was shut out

Nothing else mattered except the two beings that stood on either side

You and I

I loved to feel you in me,
Me in you

To hold hands and lead our souls into the deepest alleys and valleys where no soul would dare come to find us

But instead we stood there and you tore me piece by piece

pulverized the pieces and scattered the ashes in the wind

And they settled on their faces, hair and skin

I loved every piece of it
But it sure as shit scared the crap out of me

No one let’s the mortal and immortal co exist

You were and still are human

I get it

They don’t

Neither do you

It irritated them

They mislead you

But before they shook me off

My tiny pieces of dust

You gathered me

And brought me here

Now I rest in a vase and you on the bed

It’s still freaking 2a.m but you can’t get no sleep

You stare at me because you know I’m staring at you

this time you can’t get rid of me
I sublimated and now encompass every molecule of air that you breathe in

Keep your eyes wide open and your nose clean.