That failed project began with polite foot dragging.

I have chosen this topic today because I was reading some posts, came across it and it actually caught my attention. Then I thought, why not?

Honestly I’m one of those people. I just am. Whenever I have a new project or a new adventure I’m trying to explore, I begin with so much zeal and zest. I’m always infused with great energy that I don’t mundanely possess. At this time, I’m always so convinced and gather momentum to get the job done. I burn all the midnight oil in the world, give it a hundred and ten percent of my time and undivided attention in pursuit of the same. I think its at this point that I always use it very wisely anyway. Then out of nowhere, slowly but surely, an impalpable and noxious sequence of events infiltrate. The light becomes dimer and dimer, the fire less and less stronger, the passion less and less motivating. Exactly how a nova behaves.
In less than a few months or so things are no longer the same. Not that I get bored with what I’m doing, no. In fact I don’t believe it bores me at all.

It however always starts with that polite phrase, “I’m feeling rather tired, I’ll do this tomorrow”. Yes, tomorrow then becomes sort of constant. I have had great ingenuity at making that happen. It’s like a skill I don’t want nor need but so evidently and conspicuously possess.

As the energy slumps badly during this period, nothing qualitative can be done because most of it will be done at rush hour. What eventually ends up happening is a submission or generation of substandard work. Not very pleasing, is it? It’s actually inimical especially if the project or adventure was for an important course.

But a few ways I have learnt to keep the fire burning. Constantly reminding myself what the course is for is one of them. Deem every detail about it extremely important and never seeing it any other way except that.  Secondly, striving to produce quality results always. And by always I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S. This is very challenging but achievable. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you do a great job! Amazing right?! Thirdly, avoiding distractions as much as I can and staying focused until the goal is attained and nothing short of that. Lastly, never forgetting to celebrate and develop new ways to curb “foot dragging” for more projects to come.


Muse with me.

The mind has an expandable way of imagining things that even I don’t understand. Just out of a very little, tiny, almost unrecognizable thing, great ideas emerge. Do you know what’s greater?! Uhm do you? Well it’s when these ideas pop up in the minds of the visionaries, trust me it goes further and wider than their wildest dreams. A small idea shared, just a phrase of extraordinarily organised words or maybe just an ordinary arrangement and bam! it’s everyone’s talk! It’s everyone’s song! Before we notice, it’s a global anthem!

I have a dream.
Yes we can!
Do these phrases ring a bell? That’s what I’m talking about!

So last night while studying, my roommate was pulling on a piece of thread that was hanging just above her head. I don’t think she was even paying attention to the long unending knot she was tying her fingers in. Her thoughts must have been adrift. Suddenly she called my name out in some sort of pain. She needed me to help her loosen her fingers which were already turning blue at the tips. In a rush to help her, I tripped on soapdish, found myself flying and somehow my body landed on her arm, cutting the thread into two. We’d freed her fingers alright but that’s not the part of the story I want you to get.
Thereafter in anger, she began pulling of the thread forcefully and didn’t even spare the other half that was still hanging above her head. I think she just wanted to make sure that incident never happens again. I was watching her, laughing, wondering why she’d be so mad at just a piece of thread which didn’t come harming her, but she who harmed herself with it. Just then something popped into my head. She was down here, trying to pull something that was up there. And I began thinking of the countless times I’ve heard an innumerable number of people say “trying to pull me down…”

You’ve heard of this phrase too, haven’t you? Right! So what is ordinary or extraordinary about it? Probably nothing. But something has to under or below to pull, if it were aboveĀ  it would press and if it were sideways it would push. Did you get the message I was trying to pass across? THOSE THAT TRY TO PULL YOU DOWN OR ARE PULLING YOU DOWN ARE UNDER OR BELOW YOU. But how much time and energy do we invest in those kinds of people? Trying to understand why they’re doing whatever they’re doing? To figure out their next move? Their accomplices? And such like stuff which is a complete waste of time. They’re under you! Simply, you’re higher than they are so keep climbing!


Birthdays come, birthdays go. So do hours, days, months and years. Each day we live to the end we grow older and as some may say wiser (though I’m having a little debate going on in my head as I pen this down. Just because one is older doesn’t make the wiser or does it? But could a being with uncountable grey hairs be foolish? I mean with all that experience and that huge figure of age?) Let me leave that for you to chew on.

With each new age, we turn over a new leaf. For me its always like a refresh button has been clicked. Renewed positive energy, more goals to the list, there’s always a lot of motivation and musings. What have your feelings on birthdays been? I’m always excited and I believe I’m not alone.

However, what we don’t always see or seldom think about is that in each year, we pass our death day, the hour and the very minute. We grow, towards that day, closer and closer as we age. I’m not writing this to scare us but to open our eyes and to let us lucidly understand that we haven’t much time left. If you have an idea that can positively impact on the world implement it today, if you have a dream begin working towards it, if you can, create time for self relaxation and meditation, meet up with friends, have the chitchat, laugh as much as you can and create peace. Suffice to say, if it were your last, how’d you have lived it? Would you have any regrets? The ‘I wish…’ statements?

I’d like to have that conversation with us someday and I hope we’ll all be “I’m glad I…”:)