Pain pain

Go away

Come again another day

I’m tired of being trapped

Tired of trying to get you to notice me

Tired of pulling all these stunts

I want to be the real me when I’m around you

But the you I see doesn’t like people like me

Doesn’t want to be associated with the likes

You see me, maybe

But you don’t see me that way

There’s so much to me

Than just the girl in glasses

Than the girl that spends eighty percent of her time at the library

Than the girl that spends her leisure reading Dan Brown

Than the girl who is socially impaired

You pretend to like them

To be like them

To do stuff they do

When you’re just like me

And in this imperfect world,

People like us should stick together

It hurts

To like someone who may never give you even an ounce of their attention

To like someone who is capable of liking you back

But is too scared to risk anything

Because they seem to have everything

It’s not like I want everything

I just want you

And I hate the fact that the heart wants what it wants

Because I don’t get to choose who I like

If I could, I would


All I have is pain.

Pain pain

Go away

Come again another day.


The pain of a broken heart💔

Hello dear readers! (So today I was just seated and thought it was a good idea to try something different. I’m obviously not a poet but once in a while I try. I was inspired by one of my closest friends.)

When I remember you,
I feel like a drunken ewe
Because there’s nothing as foolish as sheep
Than the day I got into this relationship
That slowly became a sunken ship.

I made a lot of excuses
Just to justify your misuses
And when everyone from you did surrender
I remained your only defender
Until I realised I was just a “fire bender”.

I thought sticking with you would give me peace
And somehow I’d remain in one piece
But to you it didn’t matter
Not even the words I’d utter
Would make you a little better!


In your arms I did suffer
But I consoled myself that you’d be a useful buffer.
I told myself you’d be a friend indeed
When it would come to my time of need
And goodbye you’d never bid.

But take a good look at me today!
I’m not as “hot” as the Sun at midday.
I no longer feel the morning touch of dew
Nor does my face blend with the lovely sunset hue
Is it because I’m not with you?

I’ve cried my eyes to dryness
I’ve hidden myself because I can’t show my self-assertiveness.
But I will rise from the ashes
I will not hide again amongst the bushes
I believe God will grant my wishes.

I have been in pain
But surely my labour will not be in vain.
To forget you, I will learn
New dreams and lessons, out I will churn
This time I promise, I will not burn.