Our lives are so crowded
Entangled by the strings we’ve created amongst us
Each of us pulling the other in our direction
Or maybe pushing
It’s hard to tell when there’s hardly any space between me and the next
And you
Yet a lot of it exists
We’ve worked so hard my love
To get this close
So near each other we are
Near might not be the word
Not in this context
Maybe into each other
No more strings between us
Because they’ve bound us together
Into one
Sometimes happy to have found each other
Escaping the extraction
Or maybe doing it together
Sometimes suffocating
Being stuck
Yearning to be alone
To just be an inch further
Away from each other
For just a second
To breathe
To rest
Revvy our engines
Then rebound back
But that can’t
Just can’t work
In a world where people posses penknives
I can almost promise that we won’t find our way back
That we’ll be entangled
Thick in between this labyrinth
Connecting and disconnecting
But never really having a connection
The one we can term as us


Author: laurahstar

Poetry.Deep musings.Just thoughts that might help one day

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